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THE FOUNDATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA, a non-membership, private, not-for-profit organisation, is actively involved with initiating and facilitating business and other processes conducive to sustainable development in Africa - with the emphasis on sustainability. These processes include the promotion of networking opportunities; business opportunities; investment opportunities; promotion of special projects; dissemination of business information; joint venture initiatives and a range of value added services - all to serve AFRICA!

"Less Aid - Let's Trade" is a trademark phrase used by THE FOUNDATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA in its facilitation efforts. The proactive approach of this organisation is clearly illustrated in the fact that the various Websites used, by THE FOUNDATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA, to promote business development throughout Africa, are currently ranked on the front page of most international search portals when searching for "business development africa".

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES SERVING AFRICA is one of the initiatives used to enhance and facilitate trade throughout Africa.

Allow THE FOUNDATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA to be of assistance to you and/or your organisation - should you need any additional information please make contact:

Construction IQ

Phone: 1-646-454-4559

Delivering quality content and events to enhance your knowledge and strengthen your networks

Welcome to the essential information exchange for regional construction specialists... In a market that places increasing demands on you and your team, time is as valuable a commodity as any other.

We provide quality content hand picked and reviewed by a team of construction specialists. You’ll also be able to walk away with action-points that can be directly applied to your job and quickly impact the bottom line, ensuring you an increase to the value of your projects immediately.

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Engineering for Africa

Engineering for Africa is a new organisation that has been setup with the interests of gap year students in mind. We are based in West Wales and are ex-students of Lampeter Comprehensive School. When we came to taking our Gap Years, we wanted to do something different that would make a lasting difference beyond our own participation, and E4A is the result of this.

We are an entirely non-profit organisation and our main aim is to aid people both at home and overseas. We offer students who have an interest in engineering the opportunity to travel to Africa and work with both locals and experienced engineers. Through the process of skills-sharing, students will be able to learn new skills as well as improve their own. This will especially benefit those who are choosing a degree or a future career in engineering.

For each expedition we go on, we hope to take a group of between 7 - 10 participants, as well as an experienced engineer based here in Britain. Africa is our main area of work, and we have established a range of in-country contacts across the continent, however if projects are successful here then we hope to branch out to Asia or Central America in the future.

The experience you will gain from these expeditions will be invaluable to any degree or career you should choose, whilst at the same time, you'll be able to really help people who need it.


Website:, a division of , is an International Center for Integrating Information on Geoengineering. Its mission is the advancement of Geoengineering Practice, Research and Education through the classification and integration of worldwide geoengineering information and the development of tools, resources and activities. has a unique collection of databases such as online libraries of Geoengineering publications, photo gallery, educational resources as well as a large number of forums, bulletin boards and blogs. also hosts a series of independent websites and collaborates with a number of Geoengineering professional organizations and companies worldwide. publishes a monthly Newsletter, which is currently distributed to more than 6,300 subscribed members.

Engineering News

Engineering News is South Africa’s premier source of weekly real-economy news on projects, products, policies, personalities and technoeconomic progress, covering a wide range of industries – from agroprocessing to information technology – mainly in South and Southern Africa. Each week, 13 832 copies are circulated and read by 73 309 readers.

After nearly 30 years of business-to-business publishing Engineering News and Mining Weekly have earned wide respect for consistently providing South African businesses with information which opens doors to new business opportunities, allows companies to showcase their products, services and branding, and keep all private and public sector participants in the economy at the cutting edge of the constant evolution of the South African and global business environment.

Engineering News can also be found online, on your mobile phone and an iPhone application can be downloaded for users of the iPhone.